Driving in adverse conditions

driving in adverse conditions

Adverse driving conditions place an extra hazard on every driver. The need to get to your meeting on time, or to make sure your kids are picked up from school before they lock the gates can cause you to increase your speed and to drive with less attention than you normally would, but these are […]

National Speed Awareness Scheme

speed awareness

The National Speed Awareness Scheme is a relatively new development in the notion that educating drivers is perhaps a better option than punishing them. Speed, or more accurately excessive speed, is a major issue in most developed countries today and plays a significant part in the number of road traffic accidents we experience on our […]

What is the Institute of Advanced Motorists?

Institute of Advanced Motorists

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is a charity and is widely recognised as the UK’s foremost road safety charity. Aimed at drivers, riders and cyclists alike, their over-riding objective is to promote confidence, capability and skill on the road. Their belief is that the UK’s roads can be made significantly safer by educating and […]

How do I decide what Driving School to use?

Approved Driving Instructor

You’ve received your provisional licence, you’re at the age of 17 or over and additionally meet with the minimum eyesight standard that is required with or without glasses or contact lenses. In addition, you have the required funds as driving lessons are pretty expensive. Selecting an excellent Driving School Your driving lessons progress can be […]

Who can drive what and when?

As you’d imagine, the rules on who can drive what and when are pretty specific in the UK and most of the information you need will be marked on your driving licence. That said, there are various restrictions that may be applied to driving licenses in the UK, including things like eyesight correction, modified transmission […]